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Fall Reflection


Fall is here. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons – they are evolutionary periods. Nature does not speak, but it has a way to speak to you and teach you things if you listen. I like to listen to nature. Spring and fall are periods life and death. Every year around this time, I take some time to myself to rid myself of the negative, the unnecessary, the ugly, the bad habits; I let those dead leaves fall as they no longer serve me. Those leaves may have been beautiful once, but it is time to let go.

We let go so we can re-grow. We make room for something beautiful. We *fall* so we can welcome something that will do us better. We can’t have so much clutter.

With a death of something, there is birth, or rebirth. Fall is a cycle of death to prepare for newness. Here it is true in this cycle, because there is a new computer on its way that will help me create. More writing and dance projects in store. :)

For every cycle of life, seasons, I'm always thankful.

These cycles are worth embracing rather than fighting.

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