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Running from the Wolves

Has anyone read this book?

I've often put myself in front of others. Always doing work for others and helping them before myself. And then when it came to work on myself I had no time to think. I would feel so overwhelmed easily because in the end, I needed time for myself and I was not getting it.

It's unapologetically me time now. I have found that my work for others has been even more efficient because I am taking care of myself first.

This is a new book that has helped me accept this because this is a new routine for me. I don't know how to recommend this enough. They're short stories that are based on everyday things that we as women go through. The author breaks down every story, every character, every turn, every piece of fabric, that is relative in our lives through the stories.

Stories about our intuition, finding oneself, our creativities, sexuality, love, anger, forgiveness, our bodies, our fears... She hits all the spots. If you have read this let me know, if you haven't read this I can't recommend it enough! I'm still working through the stories. What is nice about this book is that you can choose what story / topic you want to read. It is so beautifully written and detailed.

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