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Yara Sultan, Professional Belly Dance Artist
Yara is a Professional Dance Artist, Choreographer, Instructor of Middle Eastern Dance. She specializes in Egyptian (Oriental, Saidi, Baladi, Shaabi), Turkish (Oriental & Romani), and Lebanese Oriental and styles.  She additionally has trained in Iraqi dance . She comes originally from Atlanta Georgia where she began her training, and has traveled across the East and West coast United States and Internationally to Turkey and Egypt to further her dance studies with the accomplished dancers of the culture. She is currently en route to further her studies and cultural experience overseas in 2024.
Studying Oriental Dance since 2003, it has been Yara's vision to elevate and preserve the heart of Oriental dance through professional performances and classes dedicated to not only providing the technical aspect of the dance, but the cultural beauty, history, and art behind the dance. Yara strives to deliver quality, heart, and spirit to her audiences and students. She has taught numerous classes and is dedicated to helping her students reach their individual artistic beauty in their dance. She performs professionally in local restaurants, lounges and private events.

As a performing artist, Yara has established herself as a respected and most in demand professional dancer in the Triangle, Triad, Fayetteville and beyond. She performs on both a weekly/monthly basis in multiple venues and holds a set schedule as a resident dancer. She holds limited additional bookings in the month for Weddings, Henna Parties, Bridal Events, Corporate functions and more. Because she books her events well in advance, she recommends early reservations to hold events on her calendar due to her busy schedule.

As an professional, expect nothing short of an educated, informed, well-dressed, and presented dancer. Yara is also a licensed esthetician and has perfected her craft of make-up artistry. Yara invests in designer costumes that are custom-made for her and does not settle for less-than-quality design. Yara's costumes, image, and her fragrance are well complimented and appreciated by those who hire her.


Yara is also an insured professional, should any accidents occur during your event. (Nothing reported to date!)

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