"Aladdin’s had the pleasure working with Yara Sultan. Yara is a professional and outstanding dancer. She had great presence and added an artful taste to the vibes of Aladdin’s. Our customers appreciated and enjoyed her performances. We had customers who would regularly be asking about her and reserve tables in advance for her shows. Thank you Yara" Aladdin's Cafe, Fayetteville NC

I've seen this gorgeous girl perform a couple times now and she is truly PHENOMENAL. You can easily see how hard she works and her passion for what she does! I had the pleasure of meeting her when we ran into eachother in the restroom at one of her shows and she was just as beautiful inside as she was on the outside. Definitely made me love her that much more! The amount of luggage she was carrying was also evident to how much time she puts into making every performance a memorable one. 💜 - Meghan B

My eyes was only on her. I was speechless and love of her beauty and talent. She put so much hard work in her special moves and dance - Domenica L.

Your Turkish Drop makes me want to faint from its AWESOMENESS!.. You are an amazing dancer with a beautiful heart.. - Penny B

Your dancing renews my faith in belly dancing being an art form. You are a gorgeous dancer in every respect, and anyone would be fortunate to have you entertain for them. You're a true pro! - Diana A.

Yara brings alot of joy and life to the places she dances. She's such a artist. My friends and I follow her page and regularly go to see her shows. A friend of mine drove a hour a couple of times to see her performances. She's professional with such great presence. Keep up the great shows, Yara! - Mohhanad S.

How many ways can we tell you that we love what you're doing, and we dearly love the message you carry in your heart, and the art that you sprinkle across every venue we've seen you at... - Jim F.