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Classes, Private Instruction and Mentorship

Current Public Classes 2023 
Announcements TBA

Private Lessons 
Are you looking to improve specific skills in your dance, further your education, and musicality, or need a performance choreography? Yara can help personalize your private instruction based on your criteria. Yara has been an instructor of dance for nearly ten years and is passionate especially about private instruction. She loves to give students a deeper development in themselves and their dance.

Yara's mentorship program develops and transitions intermediate to advance dancers into the professional world of Belly Dance. We are no longer dancing as hobbyists but divulging into the commercial and entertainment industry. With Yara as your mentor, she will guide you into what you need as a professional to be SUCCESSFUL and Respected. You will acquire knowledge to not only get started but understand the ropes of the business and what is expected as a professional in the world. You are also welcomed to Shadow Yara in her venues to understand the mental and physical demands of being a working dancer. Dancers too often dip their toes too quickly into the gig world and make mistakes that very often damage their reputation, image, business, and respect. You will not only be guided in the business, but also made aware cultural mindfulness and history. Too often PROPS, MUSIC, RELGION, and CULTURE are often disregarded by young aspiring dancers and Yara's goal is to guide them the right direction with proper education as a working professional dancer. You will learn to be a respected dancer where women are too often under valued, and how to speak to owners and customers who often negotiate and undermined your rates and business, how to present yourself and your image, and make a income doing what you love.  

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Belly Dance Savannah Georgia

Belly dance classes Savannah goergia

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