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Sunday night after wrapping up a weekend with dance creation.

My weekend was full of life. Dance. Nature. Books. Heartbreak. Joy. Sadness. Good food. Good company. Marilyn Monroe.

Feeling all these things, is just a reminder that I am alive. I am human.

There is joy through hard times, and there can be pain through the good ones, too.

Here I am thankful to dance. For making me feel alive. For helping me accept my emotions


I am thankful to my students who push me. Teaching dance is joy to me. The healing elements in dance are real. Sharing this tool brings me happiness - it unleashes their desires, potential, and growth.

If you have not heard, I am *re charging* my group classes and focusing on my students who are currently involved in private lessons. Contact me if you are interested. I teach private lessons at The Shala and also travel.

I am also thankful for the venues and clients who trust me to dance at their events. You all bring me so much joy to allow me to perform.

I am thankful for being able to be healthy to dance.


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