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My mind is a hundred words a second, and if only I had all the seconds to spill out all my thoughts. Today is another day of adventure and new-ness. But I feel I have alot to say. Here is a short condensed version of one of the many things I would like to say.

Often times we have let our fears run our lives. We can end up isolated and/or not living the life we are capable of for the sake of being comfortable. Sometimes we are scared of what is unknown or different. Being human is also accepting our vulnerabilities and fears. You can be fearless and still have fear. We do this by pursuing our passions, dreams, hearts, intuition, in spite of those worries. Fear can bind us. Dare to live life. Dare to be happy.

Being vulnerable with untamed hair and no makeup. Here I was away on a trip, just feeling the beach, and simply feeling free.

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