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Long post again. Sometimes – it just really needs to be said. You get pushed directly or indirectly, and you have to lay it out. Being in the public eye in person, and in social media - you get to be a target to many different persons. So <3

I am a professional dancer specializing in Middle Eastern Dance. This beautiful art has found me... for a reason I think. The music has saved and gave me life in many ways that I am beyond thankful. In the darkest times, it has been my light. Through love, heartbreak, death, life, weakness, strength, sorrow, joy, the music and the dance has given me happiness beyond measure. The power of music and dance is intangible in words. I love to make the connection and bring joy to others.

My intentions in dance is not to destroy , disrespect, or bring harm to this art or to others. I am here to bring Love <3, joy, and to have fun. To do my work… and as I said “work.” Again, I am a professional. Dance has become a source of income for me. Especially now. In the beginning, I wanted to be able to afford to dance and bring joy (It is expensive to be a dancer, costumes, education, music). Now, it has developed to be a source of income and my business. I am not where I want to be yet, but I have shimmied my hips off to make it to this point. Literally. I have been injured, I have been in pain, cried, been so EXHAUSTED to the point of tears, but still pushed to keep dancing, more not for myself – but for others. And even through it all – I LOVE it.

When others want to do harm to you, your spirit, your business (income)... it is very sad and violating at first, but all I can do is give more love to everyone. It is also very motivating to do so when you get the “push.” As my girl Kaitlyn Lewis said a while back, “You just GOT TO BE PRINCESS JASMINE!”

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