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Our Energy in Our Dance

When there is focus on the negative, there is little time spent on the positive.

The easiest thing to do is to blame others and situations for why things aren’t going right for you. You lose focus on important things when you let negativity inhabit you – the gifts of life, yourself, time. We create our own energies, environment, and happiness. We choose. We can isolate ourselves and criticize who and what is around us, or we can love, give acceptance and gratitude for everything around us. We can rise above.

Making the best of every situation, making your career, making yourself in every situation, putting the positivity in yourself AND others. I’ve seen many fall bitter, cold, jealous, and spread the negativity. I've also seen those overcome and not give up and become better persons because of it. They accept the circumstances, and let everything be a teachable moment to become stronger, more productive, wiser. Yes it is so much easier to quit when you are tired, when it is hard, but the reward is so much greater when you (again) Rise Above.

The Focus has to be within ourselves.

No one knows exactly where they are going to be in life, and we are constantly affected by Change, both good and bad. Those dear to me know, life changes frequently for me. Change to me, is like seeing an old friend, that when I see her again, I understand and know her just as well as before. I have had my moments, when I am not happy to see Change, but I know she is something that I have to accept and work with. You can create an understanding, happiness, art, love, within the madness of seeing any good or bad Change.

Sometimes Change has thrown me so off my course I lose my way. But – because I believe everything happens for a reason, it is supposed to be. Because I will re-center myself back onto my path – I will be okay.

Embracing the opportunities Life offers.

What does this have to do with dance? Everything. When we walk into a room, our energies shine. The same when we dance, our energies radiate the room. Our Energy is our Dance.

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