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Enjoy Your Journey

I’m buckling down. Strapping the shoes tight and zipping up.

I have so many visions of dances in my mind, projects, hobbies, things I LOVE and DESIRE to do (in and out of dance.) In 2016, I’ve learned I need “my time” on these. I saw I was not enjoying the journey, the process of creating and becoming my own art due to so many distractions and focusing on the wrong things. I am an artiste at heart. Whether it is dance, painting, gardening. My heart calls me to follow my art. It hurts when I am not focused and nurturing this need. It is a heartache. I felt empty for a short bit of 2016, I realized why and corrected it, and since my heart is beating with warm love again. I have been balancing better at equalizing my time.

The plan is live out FULLY and COMPLETELY.

Balance is everything, focus is everything. You can stretch yourself so thin if you don’t pay attention. Enjoy your journey, your process of becoming yourself.

This is not really a “2017 New Year” post, coincidental. Truly. However, if this is something 2016 has taught me, it is Life is short.

With love,


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