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A Journey to Remember

I do this every time blog. I sometimes don’t know why I start. I think it will work and clear my head. I have grand ideas for a blog, but then slack.

I just am a person who keeps busy. There is very little down time, if any. Normally when I do have something called “down time”, it is for sleep or time with my family. Time made for good things/people that are the world to me.

Moving beyond… so I went to Turkey….

And what happened – I just can’t put a finger on it.

Something happened. Magic. Possibly, yes. Maybe love. A mixture of both. Love and magic.

For the first time in a long time, I felt Present. In my own body and space in time. I felt connected with everything around me. I was touched, by humanity, the love. I felt myself within this space just surrounded by energies that I haven’t been around in a while. IT was real.

Even in times where or places where it was not perfect – the energies were still good – and around me. I felt at home, in a place I’ve never been and was unfamiliar, but always dreamt of going. I was there, and I was home. I was safe.

In a place, where governments are changing and affecting the lifestyles of the people, including dance, there was still something very unique within the people. Maybe it has to do with the history and resiliency of the people. Maybe it was truly THAT I felt - the energy of people trying as much to preserve their love, traditions, and culture.

That AIR, “though.” As they say.

Listening to the chatter, the Language, the sounds of the footsteps walking down the street, the kitties and puppies around the corners, the bread, the ice cream shops, the men who walk around selling simit, coffee, and tea, and nuts… the women who sit to offer tea and flowers to those who walk by, the shoppers that carry big baskets around their back (like a backpack), the screaming of sellers “BES BES BES BES”, the ones that yell down the streets to collect donations, evil eyes everywhere, weddings and soccer games, seeing the ones who should be given to – giving back to animals and to each other.

There was more... so much more.

I can't think of Turkey without my eyes swelling. Something definitely happened there. I fell in love. Something was left there, and something was taken back. I miss it so much already... There were traces of love left in every thing the country shared with me. Knowingly or unknowingly. In every nut, lokum, piece of bread, chocolate treat, gesture and more.

I talked to a special friend, moreso a dance mother, about my experience, and I couldn’t put my finger how it went, but she said “she knew.” It was truly touching to hear someone else say they understood without me needing to explain.

What else can I say? Just a very minuscule glimpse of what I have time to post.

Other than my soul being in heaven and touched by angels (and feeling protected by those with far less than good intentions), I spent nearly 50 hours dancing and being even moreso physically and emotionally connected to my mind and body. That is what dance with to you. Turkish especially, even more so physically.

Times when I felt “Oh this is it..” and feeling connecting to me in that time while I practiced.

I cannot thank my sweet Gigi enough for taking care of me and sharing her home, country, and dance experience with me. We had the best time. To Serap Su, for her private lessons, show, and love. For Reyhan, for her kindness and dance teaching. And also to Turkey – for everything. *It knows* for what.

More pictures, when I have time.

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