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I've always had a dance journal. It has been, just like a traditional journal, or diary - private. I have been too busy to write in it - and as time goes on in this Dance Journey - I have been getting too comfortable not writing in it. I've been missing out on writing some very interesting notes and observations because of this. I was doing so good (reaally good), but the past 6 months I have a empty journal. And so many *valuable* experiences, epitomes, and things have happened that I have no documentation of my crazy mind-blowing discoveries.

My old, private diary has written notes about teaching, personal practice, about "the business", life, beauty, performing, people and all the relations it/they have to dance. I don't want to miss out writing about anything. I'm hoping that *now* that I am making it a public affair, I may be more motivated/inclined to write these down and look back and smile.

I guess I should have started this post with this, "Happy New Year."

You think you know. You have life planned out, you may *think* you know what's behind the Umbrella (Like our dear Nagwa shown here) but do you really actually know? I think what I want to say is - you never know, and that's okay. It's okay to be in present and enjoy the ride if you have no control.

Isn't this the very same when we start to perform? Some of us, we have a plan - a dance, and things will happen. How we respond in the moment - will truly show how we handle life too. The same for those who improvise. How we respond TO THE MOMENT in real life also translates in how we dance. We are who we dance, and we dance who we are. (Atleast in my observation)

It is very interesting how you can see this everyday when you observe the ones around you.

I *did* have a plan about how I wanted this very first blog to start out - and it went a totally different direction. As if there were no plans. Isn't this interesting! Sometimes what didn't go to plan turns out better than the plan itself. (Imagine again - in going back to dancing... what didn't go to plan turned out BETTER.)

And to keep it real - sometimes it isn't better. But who cares - you followed your heart by not giving a damn and just DID IT.

Happy New Year to Everyone. May it be the brightest, lightest, most beautiful and healthy year. I am thankful for all of 2015.

With Love, everyone. Me.

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