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Istanbul Cagiyor

Every day, moment, year, is a chance for evolving. For the better.

Those who know me, know I am a bit of workaholic – I multi-task, multi-project. Even when I get overwhelmed and sick, (which in this case, I am sick) I add more to the list and won’t cut back. I decided recently that I won’t do this to myself and others around me anymore. It hit me, when I saw the stress it was resulting in. It does take strength and pride to say “I can’t.” But to know the worth of myself, and those around me, IT does show growth that I can say I can’t do everything. The sky is the limit, but how can you reach the the sky when the method to get there is not working?

Please NOTE: I am not slowing down. Just managing better.

Quality will be the result.

What has been on my mind?

Turkey is on the menu for 2016. Finally. There has been something calling to me, something mystic and spiritual… it is a calll I need to answer. I told my love that I couldn’t NOT go. It started with a dream of dance study, but evolved into much more. The two overlap, and I think for a special reason. We will see WHAT it is. Studying the language since 2014… I am ready.

This will be a solo Journey. My first overseas.

I’ve thought very long (literally, years) what I wanted to do there (festivals…workshops… when.. with WHO..) There are amazing choices. I knew what I needed and, but didn’t see what actually felt right. I wanted something more customized to me and what I already have and build in my Turkish dance studies. Something I could retain, learn, and grow from genuinely… I finally found it with my dear Gigi Dilsah.

In her home country of Turkey, she has developed a 40 hour private lesson program dedicated to Turkish Oryantal/Romani. I was introduced to dear Gigi by the recommendation of our dear Artie in 2014. I had private lessons, and a weekend at Artie’s with her, that also included a lecture where her heart in the dance was clear. Her heart, mind, soul, and technique IS there. When I saw her announcement of her program – my heart screamed – THIS was it. Also, as someone who is very active in strength/pilates – I felt it.. everywhere.


During this same time, our dear Artie is teaching in Edirne, where I will study with her and Serap Su. My heart sings. Yes the timing was all planned... purposely. Why be in Turkey without our Artie?

This will be a big one. A big dance, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey.

Within this journey in Istanbul, I have a documentary/video/special footage project in mind. Something I don’t wish too share too much yet, because, it will be special, and there are a lot of details and I am still working. No matter which direction it will go. Whether it is for a very PUBLIC or a selectively Private Use, it will be special. Let’s just say, this is where Oriental Dreams Productions comes in and works it’s magic. Details details.

Istanbul cagiyor. (Istanbul is calling.)


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